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Tartan 34 Classic Association
Dedicated to those who share the fine sailing qualities of this Olin Stephens-Designed Sailing Yacht

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Get Ready for Spring!

It’s a new year and time for a fresh start. As T34C sailors, we have a lot to be excited about and we thought we’d share some of the things we’re looking forward to.

COVID forced the sailing community to rethink how we interact with our fellow sailors, with restricted access to club events, racing and junior sailing programs and it inspired creativity and new ways to adapt. The TCA has historically focused on planning and running local gatherings and providing technical advice/guidance to DIY owners. In conjunction with our Facebook page, this is how we see and hear and interact with our community. With the first half of 2021up in the air, we are optimistically looking to the second half to get back to a semblance of normalcy. We are excited to imagine gathering again in familiar coves and marinas and to forge new connections and friendships with fellow T34C owners.

TCA Commodore Tim Dull

It is possible that social distancing and face coverings will still be recommended over the summer, but due to our little mobile “bubbles”, that has less effect on the sailing community than on others (hockey anyone?!). With WIFI in many marinas, fellow owners can connect virtually with family and with sailing buddies across the globe even though travel remains a challenge. We are looking into shared technologies like Zoom to better connect with our members. Stay tuned for more information about this in the coming months!

We are all excited to have Tim Dull on board as Commodore to help shape these initiatives! Many of you have already heard from Tim as he reached out to the membership to touch base and gather new ideas. You can read more about Tim here.

2021 got off to a bumpy start but the clouds are clearing and blue sky is appearing. We have high hopes for the year to come and we look forward to sharing a happy and healthy 2021 with all of you.

The Tartan Classic Association

Around the World in 900 Days

"It’s been more than two years since Eric Bihl (’10) and Kennon Jones (’10) set sail on a three-hour cruise, erh, make that a two-and-a-half-year cruise, around the world aboard their sturdy 34-foot sailboat, the Temujin. Wake Forest Magazine first caught up with them a few months into their journey. As they near the end of their voyage, we caught up with them again as they departed Saint Helena (a British territory in the South Atlantic Ocean), bound for the U.S. Virgin Islands. In part 1 of a two-part email exchange, they talk about their biggest surprises, missing peanut butter, meeting Wake Foresters in unexpected places and how COVID-19 stranded them in Saint Helena. In part 2, coming Wednesday, they talk about life on board the Temjuin, their best and scariest experiences, and what they plan to do next.

"You can follow their journey at; on Instagram; Facebook and Flickr."  Click here to read the entire article.   (2020-May 4)

Looking to buy or sell a Tartan 34? Check out our Boat Yard! You might also find something for free.

Looking for technical information on your T34C?

Thinking of replacing your refrigeration? Priming and painting your Tartan 34? Look no further than the TCA Technical Info section of the library under "Resources for Members". The Technical Library contains documents for refrigeration, anchoring, electronics, center board maintenance and a host of other categories. TCA members have instant access to dozens of well researched technical documents. (You need to be a TCA member to access this document.)

Newly uploaded technical documents!
    Adventure Refit 2020 - Mike Heilman
    Adventure Refit 2021 - Mike Heilman

Have you documented a Tartan 34 project and want to share what you learned with other TCA34 devotees? Contact the and we'll get it posted. - TheT34C is one of  10 old sailboats we love...

Members - show us your photos!

Other members would love to see photos of your Tartan 34 and crew. If you don't know how, or can't remember how to create a photo album, click on this link: Gallery Photo Upload Instructions.


Jack Tar
Featured Boat Slideshow - "Jack Tar"


Boat cards

Order your own T34C specific Boat Card that you can exchange with fellow sailors. Both a Word or PDF version is available. Simply choose your printer and printing options.  


Please ask Richard Lariviere for your personalized copy.

Member Project: Spring Surprise
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Member Spotlight - Captain John Allen


Click here to view a photo album which includes a nuclear submarine!

Captain John Allen is one of a very few members who has gained the “duet” titles, by years of steering the sweet Tartan 34C. IRIS #200 and by gaining the coveted golden dolphins as captain of the nuclear submarine, USS SILVERSIDES (SSN-569). I haven’t seen the Silversides, but IRIS is one of a very few Tartan 34s that I truly envy! (I might add Sin Sal, Rubicon and Celebration to that group). John has arrived at a point well known to those of us over…60 (?); he is finding IRIS a bit too demanding of those precious retired hours. After many years cruising the NE waters with Judy, they are moving to a smaller (newer) day sailor .. another design I have always admired, an Alerion 28. We join our T.O.N.E. friends in wishing John and Judy many more years of sailing together. - by Deane Holt (Aries #524)