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Tartan 34 Classic Association
Dedicated to those who share the fine sailing qualities of this Olin Stephens-Designed Sailing Yacht

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T34C 50th Celebration

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Tartan 34, S&S design 1904. The original drawings indicate that the Sloop version was released to production on April 28 1967 and the Yawl version on October 11 of the same year.

The pictures beside are scanned copies of the original drawings dated 1967.

You may expect some more activity on our website as we prepare for the celebration in Annapolis in Oct. 2017.

Please ask us for the registration form and join us on Oct. 5th in Annapolis, MD.

T34C Sloop original drawing cartridge
T34C Yawl, retouched

On the cover
of Good Old Boat Magazine

Dave Worfel caught this image of Bob and Carroll Lutz sailing Sealect on Lake Michigan near White Lake, Michigan. Sealect is a 1971 Tartan 34 Classic they purchased as a brand new boat, but she's certainly become a good old boat while in the ongoing care of her original owners.

Credits: Cover image and text compliments of Dave Worfel and Good Old Boat Magazine, January/February 2016 edition

(Click on the photo to see a larger image of this beautiful boat.)

TheT34C is one of "the 10 old sailboat we love"

 10 boats we love...


Members - show us your photos!

Other members would love to see photos of your Tartan 34 and crew. If you don't know how, or can't remember how to create a photo album, click on this link: Gallery Photo Upload Instructions.


Jack Tar
Featured Boat Slideshow - "Jack Tar"

T34C Technical Library

Thinking of replacing your refrigeration? Priming and painting your Tartan 34? Be sure to check out our Tartan 34 Technical Library which contains documents for refrigeration, anchoring, electronics, and a host of other categories.

Have you documented a Tartan 34 project and want to share what you learned with other TCA34 devotees? Contact the Webmaster and we'll get it posted.

Boat cards

Order your own T34C specific Boat Card that you can exchange with fellow sailors. Both a Word or PDF version is available. Simply choose your printer and printing options.  


Please ask Richard Lariviere for your personalized copy.

Member Project: Spring Surprise
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Member Spotlight - Captain John Allen


Click here to view a photo album which includes a nuclear submarine!

Captain John Allen is one of a very few members who has gained the “duet” titles, by years of steering the sweet Tartan 34C. IRIS #200 and by gaining the coveted golden dolphins as captain of the nuclear submarine, USS SILVERSIDES (SSN-569). I haven’t seen the Silversides, but IRIS is one of a very few Tartan 34s that I truly envy! (I might add Sin Sal, Rubicon and Celebration to that group). John has arrived at a point well known to those of us over…60 (?); he is finding IRIS a bit too demanding of those precious retired hours. After many years cruising the NE waters with Judy, they are moving to a smaller (newer) day sailor .. another design I have always admired, an Alerion 28. We join our T.O.N.E. friends in wishing John and Judy many more years of sailing together. - by Deane Holt (Aries #524)