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Tartan 34 Classic Association
Dedicated to those who share the fine sailing qualities of this Olin Stephens-Designed Sailing Yacht

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History of the Tartan 34 Classic Association

The Tartan 34 Classic Association started when a geographically diverse group of T34C owners discovered that the Internet was a great way to communicate with each other. In 2003, Deane Holt, George Colligan and Jim Calore created a T34 component on the website of the Tartan Owners of Northeast (TONE). Our forums quickly became popular and created so much traffic on the site that we had to create our own cyber-home. So, in 2004, the TCA34 was born. Since then, the Association has become an international group of hundreds of Tartan owners who are dedicated to preserving these great boats and sharing the joy of owning them. Our members stay connected through our active website and by regional captains who organize local activities.

Designer of the Tartan 34 Classic

World-class yacht designer and marine architect, Olin Stephens II, combined technology and art in his work. His graceful, fast sailboats have won the America's Cup eight times from 1937 to 1980, and the Bermuda Race a record fourteen times. (Click here to read the 1989 article "Olin Stephens at Ninety," on occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Sparkman & Stephens Association.)

Tartan 34 Classic Yacht

Tartan 34 Classic owners are proud that our boat was designed by Olins Stephens II. Beautiful and seaworthy, most of the 526 Tartan 34 Classics that were built between 1967 and 1978 are still in active use on the water as racers and as cruisers. They have crossed the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, circumnavigated the world oceans and visited South America and New Zealand. Like the others in the line of Sparkman & Stephens designed yachts, they have also won many races worldwide. (The Tartan story)

Tartan 34C Worldwide Fleet

We maintain a roster of over 300 T34Cs that are known to be still sailing, and we are actively looking for others that are missing from our registry. Keep your eyes out for one of these slim beauties on the water and let us know when you spot one.

Tartan 34C Video compliments of YouTube contributor YachtVid.

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