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"Snow Lily” T34C (Hull #42)- A unique Sailboat!


Tim Lackey, of Northern Yacht Restoration in Whitefield, Maine, just finished completely refitting the Snow Lily, Tartan 34 C (hull #42) in June 2013. The project spanned one and a half years starting in January 2012 and requiring 318 work days totaling over 2000 hours. Tim keeps a daily log of all his projects with descriptions of each day's work done, and pertinent photos (enlargeable), and hours worked. This massive tech/photo log contains a wealth of information and will be of great interest to anyone who owns a Tartan 34 or any sailboat, for that matter.

You can walk through Tim's diary entries in chronological order, or you can also choose to view a specific date. However, there is not an easy way find what exactly was accomplished; e.g. when did he work on the port lights, how did he fit the icebox in, what does the cabinetry look like?
For that reason, the TCA34 has come up with 3 different approaches to mining Tim's Technical-photo nuggets. The "master page" describes all three approaches.
Sept. 2014, Addendum
The owner of Snow Lily has posted a report about the electric motor installation aboard Snow Lily, see his report at: Electrical motor on Snow Lily