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Tartan 34 Classic Association
Dedicated to those who share the fine sailing qualities of this Olin Stephens-Designed Sailing Yacht

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"Snow Lily” T34C (Hull #42) - A unique Sailboat!

Master Page

Over the past year,the TCA34 has come up with 3 different approaches to mining Tim's Technical-photo nuggets. This master search page describes all three approaches.

  • Master list of clickable topics.

    This list has categories and sub-categories of pertinent topics, with links to each of Tim's daily entries that had anything to do with that topic. Click here to use the list.

  • Downloadable spreadsheet.

    For those of you comfortable with Excel, we have put together an extensive Excel spreadsheet containing two methods of finding particular topics in Tim's diary entries. Tips on using the sheet are included. Click here to download this spreadsheet.

  • How to do your own Google search against Tim's website.

    If there is a topic not covered by our master list or spreadsheet, or you'd rather search for yourself, you can always search against Tim's website using google. Here's how: Go to Google ( In the box, type:  followed by whatever you are searching for; e.g. Coaming.

    Google will find all the entries containing that word or words. The downside of this method is that the results are not displayed in chronological order.

Credit for conceiving and providing this wonderful resource is due to Herb Friedman and Jennie Hakes...and, of course, to the incredible talent -- and work ethic of Tim Lackey of Northern Yacht Restoration,